flight risk

Style No. DJ20003G (Dress)

Catch me if you can in this gorgeous all-over-fringe, bright coral cocktail dress with gold trim. It exudes this old world elegance with new world charm that would have even Gatsby calling. It’s perfect for jet setting, late night dancing and day time glamour. Pair with cognac or whisky on the rocks.

la bohème

Style No. DJ19344B (Dress)

Embroidered patterns were all over the streets in Paris last week leaving the impression that the bohemian revolution isn’t dead. Clashing print and ethnic-chic embroidered styles made statements that freedom, truth and love really do continue to exist beyond the Moulin Rouge. Bold colors and eclectic embroidery mixed with a retro-vintage cut emanates mystery behind the brocade curtain.

graphic storm

Style No. NJ72365B (Jumper)

In a fashion world of pattern on pattern and art over art, color on louder color and so on, it’s hard to wear a style that is still breathtaking and attention grabbing in our everyday wardrobe. Sometimes we have to scale back to the thought that “less is more” and choose items that will stabilize the noise. Our all over, mint colored jumpsuit provides the perfect canvas to weather the graphic storm yet be revealing in all the right places. For example: the cross back multi strap detail makes that artistic exclamation mark we all want to leave… as we are walking away.

runaway bride

Style No. DJ19900G (Dress)

Every bride wants to look gorgeous and hot on their big day, so we say YES to this dress! Fall in love with our classically white maxi dress with a beautifully beaded detail on the halter neckline for a look so amorous that Prince Phillip might leave Aurora fast asleep in that tower in attempt to sway you. #SWOON

retrograde motion

Style No. DS19964R (Dress)

Break down your inner “perfect” girl in kaleidoscope pieces of lace, electric yellows and blues this early spring for a revamped hippie-gone-galactic vibe. We paired our deliciously innocent crotchet cropped maxi with lace hem detail and clashed it with bright accessories to throw your left-brain into orbit. So go ahead, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, expressing your loud and soft sides in mimicking two worlds coming out of retrograde. Fast forward.